Verhaar Omega BV OEGSTGEEST, Netherlands 
Verhaar Omega BV

Established in 1967, Verhaar Omega is a leading brand in bow and transverse thrusters for inland and seagoing vessels, and a renowned leader in the market for nitrogen and compressed air systems. The company has a reputation for equipment that meets the highest standards of Dutch quality Verhaar Omega is a family-run business based at the heart of the Dutch shipbuilding industry. Our in-house experts in design, engineering and production partner with a pool of specialised subcontractors to offer a dedicated service. The company's medium-size allows us to combine a comprehensive range of options with maximum flexibility. All Verhaar Omega clients enjoy 24/7 service.



Address: Netherlands, OEGSTGEEST, 2340 AC P.O. Box 119

Contact person: Commercial Department ,e-mail, website

Phone: +31 71 5172631

Fax: +31 71 5171926

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Today over four thousand Verhaar Omega thrusters have been installed on inland and seagoing vessels around the world
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Nitrogen Generator
Our range of nitrogen generators varies from the smallest unit producing 15 nm3/hr to the larger units with a capacity of 5500 nm3/hr. All are rated at a nitrogen purity of 95%. Nitrogen gas can be generated with purities up to 99.9%.

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